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  • Best Schools In Haldwani
  • Best Schools In Haldwani
  • Best Schools In Haldwani
  • Best Schools In Haldwani
  • Best Schools In Haldwani

about school

JKMA strives to lay firm foundation in its students that will help them throughout their lives. JKMA believes strongly in holistic development of its students. Our learning program is wholesome, dynamic, active and exciting. “Fun filled learning” is a culture at JKMA.... read more

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  • School reopens after summer break, Van...

    Updated on:1-Jul-2019
  • Nur-I: PA1 Result Distribution

    Updated on:5-Jul-2019
  • Nur-I: Parents' Teachers' Meet (Junior...

    Updated on:6-Jul-2019
  • I-A: Elocution Competition (Theme Any...

    Updated on:8-Jul-2019
  • I-B: Elocution Competition (Theme Any...

    Updated on:9-Jul-2019
  • Nur: Birthday Cap Decoration LKG:...

    Updated on:10-Jul-2019
  • II-A: Elocution Competition (Theme Any...

    Updated on:11-Jul-2019
  • III-B: Spin-a-Yarn (Story Telling...

    Updated on:12-Jul-2019
  • Nur-V: Holiday VI-X: Working Day VIII-IX:...

    Updated on:13-Jul-2019
  • V-A: Elocution Competition (Theme Any...

    Updated on:15-Jul-2019
  • Special Assembly: Harela V-B: Elocution...

    Updated on:16-Jul-2019
  • Holiday: Harela (Tentative)

    Updated on:17-Jul-2019
  • IV-A: Elocution Competition (What Would I...

    Updated on:18-Jul-2019
  • IV-A: Elocution Competition (What Would I...

    Updated on:19-Jul-2019
  • Nur-VIII: Holiday, IX-X: Working Day

    Updated on:20-Jul-2019
  • Special Assembly: Kargil Diwas

    Updated on:25-Jul-2019
  • V-VIII: PA2 Begins, Kargil Diwas

    Updated on:26-Jul-2019
  • Nur-V: Holiday, VI-X: Working Day, IX-X:...

    Updated on:27-Jul-2019
  • I-IV: PA2 Begins, World Tiger Day

    Updated on:29-Jul-2019

from Management's desk

  • Mr. Ayush Mittal

    It is right that mind are like parachutes. They only function.J K Mittal academy spaces no efforts to hands all knowledge,

  • Mr. Krishna Gopal Gupta

    Thank you for sho wing interest in admiting your child to J K Mittal Academy School.

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